Ersin Faikzade News

The WAALM Initiative for Turkish-Iranian Dialogue


As part of WAALM’s endeavour for Cultural Diplomacy, the institute has facilitated the artistic works in a duet by Iranian Meastro Sattar and Young Turkish Rising Star Ersin Faikzade singing the song “Simin Bari” in Turkish and Persian This is yet another expression of WAALM’s works to assist dialogue and understanding between civilizations (see for example WAALM’s Empower Africa Conference in April 7-10, 2010).


Sattar (left) and Ersin Faikzade (right) have lent their exemplary creativity and musical talents towards the initiative to re-awaken the long-standing and powerful cultural bonds between the Iranians and the Turks.

WAALM’s initiative has been a significant first step in re-awakening the deep-rooted cultural ties between Turks and Iranians (Persians, Kurds, Azaris, Lurs, etc.). The Iranians and Turkic peoples have a shared (yet unappreciated) civilization known as the Turco-Iranian or Persianate civilization – see for example the articles below.


Sattar and Ersin Faikzade singing Simin Bari in Turkish and Persian (Facilitated and Co-produced by WAALM). This is part of WAALM’s initiative to re-awaken the awareness of the strong and long-standing Turco-Iranian cultural ties known as the Turco-Iranian or Persianate civilization. Note that the video is also under post-production.