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Ersin Faikzade Latin America

ERSIN FAIKZADE conquered hearts in Latin America
With his unconditional love and humanity projects,Ersin Faikzade conquered the hearts in Latin AMERİCA (Paraguay,Brazil,Argentina,Chile)
People give him this dubbed ''The Turkish Diamond Child of The Voice of Peace ''

Ersin Faikzade, Turkish Pop-Baritone, is not just building a successful artistic career because he is talented and has a good voice! Of course having talent, looks, and voice are important to build up a platform in music; however, being able to capture people’s hearts is another story and that is an art of its own!

Ersin is a young raising star who has dedicated his talent and musical career to promote humanity and human values. He uses music to bring message of hope and peace everywhere he goes.


Recently he visited a some countries in Latin America (Paraguay, Argentina and  Chile) to promote his new album, meet his fan club and attend a few interviews. But that was not all! He has also visited hospitals and tried to comfort those in need of love and attention. 

Ersin’s first international collaboration was with Sattar, Intl. Persian Pop-Tenor, which was facilitated by WAALM. They recorded a duet in name of Simin Bari, which was one of the major hit songs duet in 2011. 

Ersin is now recording ‘Walk in Style’, a message song to victims of bullying. This track for humanity is also facilitated by WAALM with a lyrics written by Dr. Mosi Dorbayani and a Composition by Loghman Adhami.