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İmran Abbas And Ersin Faikzade Best Friends

Two Handsome Prince ''Ersin Faikzade and İmran Abbas''

It should be an example of their friendship

       ‘’The Star Actor of Pakistan  İmran Abbas and The Diamond Child (Singer) of Turkey  Ersin Faikzade ‘’ . Both very handsome young man, like two angels.


The most important thing in the world, friendship, sharing and unconditional love. Pakistan and Turkey's friendship is really different, very loving each other in both countries people, it took brotherly relations throughout their history.

    Unfortunately, We are watching  wars and sorrows on television in the world , Nowadays we witness a friendship to Istanbul. We talked about the good friendship and projects.



Pakistani actor and former model Imran Abbas arrives in Turkey’s Istanbul

Pakistani actor and former model Imran Abbas arrived in Istanbul on Saturday upon invitation of Pakistani New tv channel SEE TV show program. The Bollywood actor also expressed an interest in taking part in Turkish cinema and music.

İmran Abbas also met with his friend Ersin Faikzade. Goodwill Ambassador Ersin Faikzade is one of the most influential figures of world and model person for world humanity. And World called him ‘’ The Diamond Child Of Turkey Republic’’.  Turkish Nation feel so proud with his humanity projects.

 Ersin Faikzade works for world peace, peace and love, giving concerts with spectacular voice. From Latin America to Asia, a large region.People love him like a son, all over the world. He has got a gorgeous voice, sings spectacular songs in different languages.

Pakistani actor and former model Imran Abbas arrives in Turkey’s Istanbul

Speaking to reporters after his arrival, Bollywood star Imran Abbas discussed his love of Istanbul. “This is my second time coming to Turkey,” he said, “We Pakistani people like Turkey and the Turkish people, we have much common culture and history.” Adding that he loves Istanbul in particular, Abbas noted that he had studied architecture back in school and looked forward to exploring the city’s architecture.

 “We have joint project with Ersin Faikzade. We are planning to shoot a video for a song in Urdu and Turkish,” he added.



The Bollywood star pointed out how people in Pakistan love Turkish television series, “I would love to take part in Turkish cinema. I would like our countries to become closer culturally, which will only be possible with joint projects between Turkish and Pakistani artists.”


Artists show their friendship in us.Forever this great friendship.