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Ambassador Ersin Faikzade in London .Kensington Palace


Turkey's peace envoy Ersin Faikzade was a guest of honor at the Palace of England It has been 20 years since Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales, lost her life in a tragic traffic accident. Over the course of 20 years, work has been done in many parts of the world to keep Princess Diana's heritage alive. Honorary guest of the ceremonies World Peace Ambassador was international Turkish artist Ersin Faikzade.


After being educated on the foundation of Princess Diana, Ersin Faikzade, who was elected to the World Peace Ambassador in 2009 and who was taken to the UNITED NATIONS Inspiring Personality List in 2011, who traveled throughout the country and traveled to the People's Republic projects and supported concerts and social projects, hospitals, He was hosted at London Kensington Palace. The ceremony held by the fan club of "Forever Princess Diana" (Forever Princess Diana) set up by Faikzade, a private invitation from the palace, started with the participation of princess sons Prince William, Harry and Princess Katy Middleton. Commemorative ceremonies attended by the world media have been broadcasted on thousands of televisions in 5 continents.


 On the 31st of August, when the Princess died, thousands of Diana lovers flocked to Sar. While thousands of flowers were placed in the palace door, Ersin Faikzade came up with the world-famous author Andrew Morton, who wrote the biography of Princess Diana. Ersin Faikzade gave an interview to the BBC, CNN, Switzerland, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Latin American television channels and later came up with Lord Richard Kay. Lord Richard Kay Faikzade thanked Faikzade for their first encounter with Faikzade and all the work he has done to win love, tolerance and helping consciousness in many countries of the world. Ersin Faikzade's closest friend experienced emotional moments during the arrival of the palace of Bethy Taylor in the Duchess of Yorkshire. The Duchess Faikzade has supported the education for 15 years, Ersin Faisjade, the spiritual mother of Bethy Taylor and the German Lady Eveleyn Marie, all of whom have been interested in the world media. Princess Diana Fan club executives give a live broadcast of the world media, thank you for everything Princess Diana offers for my life, cut the Diana Pie in the palace.


Who is Ersin Faikzade? Erin Faikzade, who is called Diamond children of Turkey with its international successes, came to the world in 1982 in Izmir. After studying at his mother for 20 years after his mother's death, Faikzade has worked in projects for many charities in Italy, France, Pakistan, Iran, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil and Spain, gave concerts with artists and made CDs albums. Faikzade has 6 honorary medals and excellence titles on the list of Inspirational Persons in the World.




Ersin Faikzade and Andrew Morton met in London.




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