Ersin Faikzade News

ERSIN FAIKZADE in Pakistan conquered the hearts of the people once more:
Pakistan welcomes Turkey's Diamond child been talking with the official protocol as 3.kez honor of the Islamic Republic; Peace Ambassador and artist Ersin Faikzade was the guest of Pakistani state television and radio stations with his great successes; songs; peace messages and love-themed projects around the world; He drew attention with the messages of Atatürk and Mevlana on the theme of peace and love.
The most important professors of the country, Malik Hüseyin Mubashar's spiritual and Ersin Faikzade, were accepted to the top echelons of the Army in Pakistan.
art; humanity the world with many countries officially invited and you are glorifying Turkey Faikzade was filled out with the crown of the head ettiler.şıklıg and seven of nobility.

"Pakistan News Agency".