Ersin Faikzade News

Peace Ambassador Ersin Faikzade left his mark on a work that will be read for centuries. Ersin Faikzade, who bravely wrote all the facts, has collected the archives of the Sad Princess Süreyya in Italy, Spain, France, America and Turkey for more than 20 years. This book, which is the result of a large-scale archive and research on the Shah family, which no one has written before and which was forbidden to be written in Iran after the revolution, will make a big impact. So much so that it is already on the way to reach an agreement with world-famous sales sites Ersin Faikzade. Our Global Peace Ambassador Ersin Faikzade stated that he always wanted to walk with his own strategy and rules, and said that the success of the book will increase over time and reach millions of people. Millions of Iranians, who want freedom and modernity, but do not want the administrative circles in Iran, show the happiness they feel for the release of the book on social media. For Süreyya fans, who take action to acquire the book from many parts of the world, this book is an incomparable archival work. Ersin Faikzade's fluent style makes people happy as if they were living that era. It will soon be translated into Persian and English and other languages ​​and will have a premiere first in Istanbul and then in America. Take care of the brave man in this photo, as he immortalizes the history of a nation, he will one day be remembered as a hero in the hearts of millions of Iranians. He bravely wrote the unwritten, historical facts and enlightened many previously unknown events. You will witness the glorious and sad life of Princess Sureyya. With FAIKZADE's colorful personality and fluent style, you suddenly find yourself in this fairy tale-like life. The simple style and fluency in this novel that you can't put down will impress you as if you lived it. You will be sad, proud and experience Love. From Atatürk to Reza Shah, from Queen Farah Pahlavi to the biggest stars of the period; You will meet many important figures from Gönül Author, Zeki Müren, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and many more, Ankara; You will learn about friendships with artists and unknowns while traveling to the countries of the world, welcoming you with historical ceremonies in Izmir and Istanbul. "Die from Love" will impress you... LOS ANGELES IRANIAN GROUP You can get the book from the link: