Ersin Faikzade News
Los Angeles -Hollywood

The world famous artist, Turkey's Diamond child Ersin Faikzade will get the official invitation to the United States in Los Angeles .As the honorary guest of Iran's legendary artist Sattar's 50th Anniversary Gala, he will be on the evening of 2 February in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Hilton, where Sattar's world stars will participate. Honor guests of the evening, the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his brother, Shah Shiba Iran's wife, Farah Diba Pehlevi. Also the United Nations Human Rights Organization Ambassador Ersin Faikzade'nin 1-month visit was announced on the official website of the Human Rights organization.
Ersin Faikzade, who won international success with Sattar in 2011 with his Simin Bari duet, will also visit Faikzade, fox and universal studios which will attend the meetings as invited by American human rights associations to be the guest of famous actor Joseph Steven in Hollywood.