Ersin Faikzade News
Received the Global Inspiring Artist award in Dubai

Gulf Good News: Turkey's globally respected vocal artist, Peace Ambassador, Writer and actor Ersin Faikzade received the "Global Inspiring Artist" award at the annual Global Inspirational Awards ceremony, which brings together world celebrities in Dubai. was given. Ersin Faikzade, who fascinated the guests of the night with his elegance, elegance and humane stance, became the center of attention in Dubai and talked about his new projects and concerts in a special interview with Gulf Good News. Ersin Faikzade said on stage, "I have dedicated myself to humanity and love and tolerance. I travel the world from continent to continent and do concerts and humanitarian projects. As I always say, humanity has no language, color, religion or nationality, WE ARE ALL HUMAN." With his speech, business people and artists from 40 countries were present. , phenomena, favorite names of the fashion world, Indian cinema stars, and ambassadors applauded for a long time. Syed Yasir Hussain Gurdezi, one of the famous producers of Indian cinema, praised the artist, saying, "Faikzade is a real Sufi star, he touches hearts and souls." The Turkish artist, who received his award at the night from Her Excellency Laila Rahhal Al Atfani and billionaire businessman Yaqoup Al Ali, and His Excellency Aarefe Saleh Al Falahi, one of Dubai's most popular figures, became the center of attention of the guests after the ceremony and took photos with his loved ones and fans for a long time. His shots with Indian cinema star Poonam Dubey were very appreciated. #ersinfaikzade #dubai #awards #globalawards #fashion